Who Are Nicole and Anthony?

Essential Coaching is about helping you get back to your essence by cultivating calm, creating connection, gaining clarity, tapping into your courage and developing genuine confidence. Essential Coaching works on upgrading both the conscious and subconscious minds, using a range of skills and techniques from different schools and life experience. Nicole’s aim is to take you on a journey to improved relationships with yourself and others, leading to an all round better quality of life. 

I am Seattle’s “Insight Guy” and the bridge between where people are and where they want to be.
 I have spent more than 25 years studying how our thoughts and beliefs create our realities and how we can experience a more fulfilling life once we learn how to use the mind as an instrument for observation rather than a teller of truth.  I live what I teach and so I know what works and am happy to share what I’ve learned.

What is the goal of the hypnotic healers podcast?

We are a couple of hypnosis professionals that want to help others succeed.  

If you are a hypnotic change worker we hope to provide tools that you can use to grow your business and we will have guests who are leaders in the field and who are actually working with clients.

We will be talking about challenges and success that we, our guests and our clients have experienced. 

We are also going to be discussing the many styles of hypnotic changes work that is available and used around the world. 

Join us and learn how rewarding and amazing hypnotic change work can be.

Upcoming guests:

Sarah Pacaro

Nicholas Ely

Tarcy Gray

Karen Hand-Harper

Jason Linett

Joseph Onesta

Ken Guzzo

and more!

RSS Hypnotic Healers
  • Hypnotic Healers #22 Craig McKay October 13, 2021
    This week we have a conversation with our Scottish friend Craig McKay.  We learn how Craig went from a Merchant Marine to a successful hypnosis professional first in NYC and more recently in Nashville. He has a great gift for observation and insight come take a listen and learn more about this amazing change artist.  […]
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Hypnotic Healers #21 Ken Guzzo October 6, 2021
    We are so honored to have with us Mr. Ken Guzzo.  He is the creator of the "Guzzo Protocol" for smoking cessation as well as the creator of several other approaches to change work including his most recent E.I. or Evolution Intervention.   He is a regular presenter at HypnoThoughts and throws a great pool […]
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Getting Things Done With Vicky Martin September 30, 2021
    We talk with Vicky about the Vicky Martin Method and how she got started with her campaign to create change in the Facebook world and how she helps create change in the lives of her clients.   Check out her amazing work on her site.  She has helped thousands of women across the globe through […]
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Joseph Onesta on Reversing Diabetes and Religious Trauma. September 22, 2021
    Joseph spends some time with Nicole and I discussing his most current book about reversing diabetes and we also talk about religious trauma with this amazing man, Minister and Hypnotist.  http://www.mindpowerpittsburgh.com/
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Hypnotic Healers - Talking business and success with Jason Linett September 15, 2021
    Nicole and I have a fun conversation with Jason Linett.  A leader in the world of hypnosis and hypnotic business systems teaching others how to be successful and create multiple stream of revenue. worksmarthypnosis.com  scholar.google.com 
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Cut The Crap with Karen Hand September 8, 2021
    I have known Karen for years and it was a real joy to have her on as a guest.   Here are the links for all of Karen content, actually it's just to her home page because you can get all of her resources there.  https://www.karenhand.com/
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Having Fun With Hypnotic Mentalist Tracy Gray September 1, 2021
    What a fun guest. Tracy tells us how she got into the world of hypnosis and about her background and work in the field of science and research.  She has some fun with Nicole and we get to learn about her live class in Denver this November.  To learn more about Tracy and all she […]
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Going Deeper With Nickolas Ely August 25, 2021
    What a great guy Nickolas Ely is.  Nicole and I really enjoyed our conversation that explored many of Nik's talents and offerings.    Referenced material: cntact@liberationhypnosis.com liberationhypnosios.com texasfitt.com Like Stories Of Old - LSOO - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs7nPQIEba0T3tGOWWsZpJQ Dan Millman - The Way of The Peaceful Warrior - https://www.peacefulwarrior.com/way-of-the-peaceful-warrior/
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Getting To Know Sara Pacaro August 18, 2021
    Sara Pacaro is an RTT specialist in Gilbert, AZ.   https://www.re-write-your-life.com/about/ https://www.auroranaturalmedicine.com/sarah-pacaro https://www.facebook.com/public/Sara-Pacaro https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-pacaro-20878aa4 Referenced material: Robin Norwood - Women Who Love Too Much Pia Melody - Facing Love Addiction - https://www.piamellody.com/ Melody Beattie - https://melodybeattie.com/ CODA - https://coda.org/
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • A Better Version Of Me with Tim Box August 11, 2021
    We are excited about this episode for lots of reasons.   1. Tim Box is our guest today.   2.  New recording equipment, so better sound!  Ok, maybe not lots but still great stuff.  A fun time is had by all in this laid back conversation with the UK's top anti-anxiety specialist and creator of […]
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • HypnoThoughts21 August 4, 2021
    I tell Nicole about my experience at HypnoThoughts this year.  And Yes, it was a blast.  www.htlive.net. - check it out and get registered for next year.  Come have a good time, see old friends and meet new ones. 
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Howard Cooper and Rapid Change July 28, 2021
    We talk with Howard Cooper about building a social media audience on TikTok, we talk about his children's book "The Rustle Of Leaves", his work with children and change in work in general. The Rustle Of Leaves: https://youtu.be/_6so6C48v-g Howard Cooper's - Rapid ChangeWorks YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNF9kf-fKHcXZeenHDE08Vg His website: https://www.rapidchange.works Check out all his amazing content.
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • To niche or not to niche. July 21, 2021
    Nicole and I discus the important topic of niching.  Should you niche and if yes, why? Lot's of ground is covered in this episode, please enjoy.
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Working hard with Scott Jansen July 14, 2021
    We talk to Scott Jansen, one of the industry leaders when it come to teaching others how to be successful with their coaching, hypnosis and NLP businesses.  Nicole is a long time student of Scott and she is apparently a BIG fan, lol.  I had heard of Scott through some of my Australian friends and […]
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Community July 7, 2021
    Nicole and I talk about our experience with the local and global hypnosis community. excelhypnosis.com nicolemazzucato.com The CONTROL workshop video: https://youtu.be/3Il7hnQW_no
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • The CONTROL Workshop June 30, 2021
    Nicole and I talk about the CONTROL workshop we presented on the previous Saturday.   We announce that Scott Jansen will be out first guest on the show in just a few weeks.   
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Trauma June 23, 2021
    Nicole and I discuss trauma and how we work with it. Referenced in the talk is:   The Body Keeps The Score written by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. Autogenic training and a great beginner book for how to work with autogenic training is: Autogenic Training written by Micah R Sadigh The Wisdom of Trauma […]
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Imposter Syndrome June 16, 2021
    Nicole and I discuss Imposter Syndrome and well a lot of things that help to create the feeling of imposter syndrome. It's a fun conversation.
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Anxiety June 9, 2021
    This is a fun discussion about anxiety and stress.   Here are a couple of links to some of the resources we talk about.  Tim Box's TedTalk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZidGozDhOjg Tara Brach: RAIN: https://www.tarabrach.com/rain/
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
  • Sleep June 2, 2021
    This is another great episode but there was a audio issue that was not discovered until editing so it is a bit short and chopped in a few places. Non the less and as I said it is still a great episode.  
    Anthony Gitch and Nicole Mazzucato
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